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Insurance and Claims Management
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Frederick Trotter
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Director of Insurance & Assets
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Liability claims filed against Georgia Tech and/or Georgia Tech employees for allegedly causing bodily injury, personal injury or property damage to a third party are funded by the State Tort Claims Trust Fund.

These claims are handled by the Department of Administrative Services, Risk Management Services Division (DOAS/RMS).

Policy Statement

General Guidelines/Applicable Policies
At the conclusion of the investigation of an incident, Georgia Tech Insurance & Claims Management shall determine if the incident warrants forwarding to DOAS/RMS as a potential liability claim.

Policy Terms

State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services.

  1. Georgia Tech Insurance & Claims Management shall receive, assemble and review all documents including, but not limited to: incident report(s), statements of witnesses, photographs, recordings, bills, damage estimates, and property documentation.
  2. Depending on the type and amount of documents pertinent to the claim, they will be sent to DOAS/RMS by email or postal mail.
  3. Upon receipt of an Ante-Litem Notice or Lawsuit, the Board of Regents will copy the State Attorney General's Office who will assign an Assistant or Special Assistant Attorney General to the case and protect discovery through the Attorney Product Work Rule.
  4. In cases of impending litigation, the State Attorney General's Office in concert with the Liability Section of DOAS/RMS may assign a private investigator or adjuster to the case.
  5. DOAS/RMS or a private investigator or adjuster may contact Georgia Tech Insurance & Claims Management or the Office of Legal Affairs for assistance in processing the claim.