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The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Office at Georgia Tech consists of the following department units: Fire and Life Safety, General Safety, Chemical/Lab Safety, Radiation Safety, Biosafety, and Hazardous Materials.
EHS develops programs and provides oversight, consultation, training, and other specialized services to assist the Institute community in meeting its public health, safety, environmental protection, and compliance responsibilities.
For more information please visit, www.ehs.gatech.edu

The purpose of this section is to outline policies, procedures and practices associated with Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at Georgia Tech.

The EHS Department is located at 490 10th Street, 3rd floor, and can be reached at (404)894-4635 (emergency 24 hr. number is 404-216-5237) or http://www.ehs.gatech.edu/.

New Employee EHS orientation training, which describes both required and recommended training programs based on the person’s position responsibilities, is located at http://www.ehs.gatech.edu/newhire/briefing.pdf

Institute Lab Safety Manual

The Georgia Tech Laboratory Safety Manual found at http://www.ehs.gatech.edu/chemical/ehslsm.pdf outlines laboratory safety rules, procedures and performance expectations in all Georgia Tech laboratories”