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Ed Pozniak
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Hazardous Materials Manager
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The safe and effective management, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials is vitally important for Georgia Tech to maintain a safe and regulatory compliant workplace . Numerous federal and state laws, good safety practice, and protection of the environment dictate that the Institute implement appropriate procedures for handling these materials. Hazardous Waste Policies and Procedures can be found online at

Training and Services Provided: Laboratory Waste Characterization, Pickups of Hazardous Waste, Handling/Disposal of Biological Wastes, Emergency (Spill) Response, Hazardous Waste Awareness Training, Fluorescent Lamp/Ballast Recycling, Battery Recycling, Underground and Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tank Training and Compliance.

Hazardous Materials Policies and Procedures:

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12-09-2014 Environmental Health & Safety Minor updates to verbiage