A tenured faculty member evaluated as deficient, which is defined as a rating of “Does Not Meet Expectations” or “Needs Improvement,” in any one of the elements of teaching, scholarship and creative activities, and service, including student success activities, for two consecutive annual evaluations shall participate in a corrective post-tenure review. Note that the deficiency does not have to be in the same area; but could be a different area from one year to the next. This review shall be initiated prior to the normally scheduled five-year review.  

A faculty member’s corrective post-tenure review shall be conducted using the procedures for post-tenure review listed in Faculty Handbook and any other applicable Institute or unit guidance. Faculty members subject to corrective post-tenure review are afforded the same rights and protections as a faculty member subject to post-tenure review, including but not limited to rights related to committee composition and the PTR committee’s Due Process Review. 

A faculty member subject to corrective post-tenure review due to consecutive annual performance evaluations must be notified so in writing. A faculty member will have thirty (30) business days from written notification to submit a PTR package, as identified in Faculty Handbook, for the corrective post-tenure review.  

If the outcome of the Corrective Post-Tenure Review is successful, the faculty member shall have their post-tenure review clock reset. If the outcome of a corrective post-tenure review is unsuccessful, where the faculty member has been determined to need improvement, the same process for an unsuccessful PTR shall be followed, including a Performance Improvement Plan, Review of the Performance Improvement Plan, and Due Process.