The Board of Regents (“BOR”) requires each University System of Georgia (“USG”) institution to develop policies and procedures for the administration of BOR Policy 6.3 Intellectual Properties.  

Georgia Institute of Technology (“GIT”) values the creativity and entrepreneurial attitude of members of the GIT community and encourages the protection and licensing of GIT Intellectual Property for commercialization.  GIT hereby establishes the following policy on intellectual property that may result from the activities of GIT employees in the course of their GIT duties or through the use of GIT resources. GIT, through the Office of Technology Licensing (“OTL”), also maintains and updates an Intellectual Property Administration Guidebook (“IP Guidebook”) in observance and furtherance of this policy and its interpretations and applications.  

In the event of conflict between this policy and BOR Policy 6.3, BOR Policy 6.3 shall govern. In the event of a conflict between the IP Guidebook and this policy, this policy shall govern. This policy shall supersede any previous GIT intellectual property policy. 

Georgia Tech Research Corporation (“GTRC”), an affiliated organization of GIT, is the assignee and owner of all intellectual property rights created at GIT.  

All GIT employees, including faculty, staff, affiliates, adjuncts, and students, who are obligated to execute an Intellectual Property Agreement, any updated Agreement or Addendum thereof (collectively as “IP Agreement”) as part of employment, are subject to this policy.  

Students shall be required to execute an IP Agreement only:   

  1. When working on a research project funded by an entity other than GIT, the Georgia Tech Foundation, or the Board of Regents, 

  2. When employed by GIT, 

  3. In the case when the student anticipates or engages in more than incidental use of GIT equipment and/or resources that are not available to the general public, or 

  4. When required by the Office of the Provost. Such requirement may be recommended by a faculty member who has students working in faculty-directed research. 

For the purpose of this policy, this assignment requirement does not apply to students who participate in entrepreneurship activities, such as senior design, CREATE-X, InVenture Prize, or use equipment obtained by Student Tech Fees.