The USG BOR Policy 6.5 Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom states its protection of those freedoms.  Policy 6.5.2 further expands on those protections. The Georgia Tech Faculty endorses and defines freedom of expression for the Georgia Tech community as follows:   

Faculty members are free to express their opinion on any matter that falls within the field of knowledge they are employed to teach and study, subject to high standards of professional ethics, accurate expression, and respect for the rights, feelings, and opinions of others. 

No part of this Handbook may be interpreted as abridging Faculty members’ power to exercise their rights as an individual, free from institutional censorship or discipline, but their position in the community imposes an obligation of care for the interest of the Institute. Public signing of open letters, petitions, political advertisements, etc., should preferably show the person’s name only. Any indication of affiliation with the Institute should clearly state that it is for identification only and does not represent an endorsement by the Institute or by other persons in the Institute. Caution is urged on Institute members whose position in the Institute is such that private vs. official views may be difficult to distinguish by the public. A Faculty member whose civic and political activities may require a large allocation of time should consider requesting a full or partial leave of absence.