The Faculty Honors Committee shall consist of:

  • One (1) Faculty member from each College, one (1) from GTRI, and one (1) from faculty in Services and Central Administration, elected by their respective constituencies and serving staggered terms; 
  • One (1) Undergraduate Student with at least junior standing selected by the Undergraduate Student Government Association; and
  • One (1) Graduate Student selected by the Graduate Student Government Association.

The Chair shall be elected annually by the committee from among the elected Faculty members. The Chair shall appoint a Secretary from among the other members.

The Committee shall:

  • Maintain and publicize a list of Institute-level faculty awards and proactively seek out the development of additional awards.
  • Originate or receive names of Faculty members to be nominated for honors and awards.
  • Evaluate and take appropriate action for the awarding of such honors and awards.
  • Assist in planning annual events such as the retirement dinner.