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The state of Georgia is self-insured for Workers' Compensation benefits. All employees on the Institute's payroll are protected under this plan, and benefits are paid to cover injuries resulting from work, whether that injury occurred on or away from the employee's normal work site.

The three areas of responsibility, as they pertain to Workers' Compensation, are Human Resources, Environmental Safety, and Department of Administrative Services (DOAS)-Risk Management. Workers’ Compensation information, forms and instructions on completing forms may be obtained by accessing the Benefits website at www.ohr.gatech.edu or by contacting the Office of Human Resources (OHR) at 500 Tech Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30332, (404) 894-3925.

The Office of Human Resources assists campus units in complying with state and Institute policies and serves as official repository for all records pertaining to a given claim. OHR acts as liaison between the Georgia Department of Administrative Services and campus units to ensure immediate needs of injured worker are fulfilled. Finally, OHR assists employees who need to forward medical invoices and out-of-pocket expense receipts to the Georgia Department of Administrative Services for reimbursement.

The Environmental Science, Health, and Safety Department will chart trends for the causes of work-related injuries and will develop and conduct remedial training programs where appropriate. Also, this department will conduct certain investigations relating to environmental causes or effects.

DOAS--Risk Management will investigate all claims involving litigation or when third parties are involved. This department also reviews questionable claims, decisions to controvert, and requests for referrals to physicians not on the Institute's currently approved panel. The assignment of private investigators will be made at the sole discretion of this department. Finally, this department will have oversight on all claim expenditures.


If you are injured on the job, you must report the injury to your departmental supervisor immediately. Your departmental supervisor should report your injury to DOAS by calling 877-656-7475. Then call AmeriSys at 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582 to talk to a case manager who will assist you in selecting a physician, scheduling an appointment and obtaining follow-up care.

Emergency Care Procedure

If, as a result of a work-related injury or illness, you require immediate medical attention, you should proceed to the nearest emergency medical care facility, or call 911 for assistance. Following your emergency admission, service or procedure you or your departmental supervisor must notify AmeriSys Managed Care of your injury by calling (678) 781-2848 or (800) 900-1582.

If you require additional care, contact AmeriSys Managed Care at (678) 781-2848 or (800) 900-1582 and speak to a case manager who will assist you in selecting an authorized treating physician. Your authorized treating physician will then evaluate your treatment plan and make further recommendations. The week following your injury, your departmental supervisor should call DOAS at (877) 656-7475 to verify that the claim has been properly set-up.

TeleClaim Reporting Instructions

Departmental supervisors should call DOAS TeleClaim (toll free (877) 656-7475, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to report injuries within 24 hours of an accident. Reporting should be delayed only long enough for the supervisor to take the employee to the doctor. Claims may only be reported by a supervisor. Employees cannot call in their own claims.

As soon as possible after the accident call with the following information:

  • Name and address of injured employee
  • Name and address of employing agency
  • Social Security number of injured employee
  • Age and sex of injured employee
  • Date & time of accident
  • Description of accident (how, where, why)
  • Type of Injury (cut, scrape, burn, etc.)
  • Exact part of body injured
  • Place of occurrence
  • Full-time / Part-time employee
  • Hourly / weekly / monthly wage
  • Date of hire
  • Witness(es) (name and telephone number)
  • Name and address of physician / hospital
  • Has injured employee returned to work?
  • Anticipated length of disability
  • Basic job duties
  • Description of physical requirements of job
  • Supervisor's name and telephone number

Once a claim has been reported through TeleClaim, any corrections to the above information should be made by calling your dedicated DOAS Workers' Compensation Specialist. A copy of the completed first report of injury will be faxed to the number designated by your agency and your DOAS Workers' Compensation Specialist within 24 hours of the report. Only injuries requiring medical care or lost time from work should be reported to TeleClaim. Injuries requiring only first aid or requiring no medical care should be recorded within the agency as an incident only ("incident only" forms can be obtained from DOAS or from the OHR webpage): https://ohr.gatech.edu/sites/default/files/images/hr_incident_only_form.pdf 

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