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The Georgia Institute of Technology provides a variety of flexible working arrangements, including Compressed Workweek, Flextime, and Telecommuting at the discretion of individual units to enable employees to serve students and customers, meet Institute and unit level goals, and balance professional and personal responsibilities. Participating in a flexible working arrangement is a privilege and not a right.

Policy Statement

Flexwork in General
The University System of Georgia (USG) has approved flexible working arrangements for employees who work in positions that are eligible for telecommuting and/or flextime and approved by the designated authority. Exceptions may be granted to provide reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Requests for accommodations should be made through the Georgia Tech Human Resources, Employee Relations unit. Employees may find additional information about requesting a reasonable accommodation at: Human Resources Disability Services

Employees and supervisors should discuss the flexible work request; however, supervisors make the final decision and employees must maintain the agreed upon arrangement. Flexible working arrangements may be discontinued at any time. The employee and/or the supervisor may end the arrangement by providing written notice a minimum of 14 calendar days in advance. The Working@Tech Arrangements form should be reviewed on an annual basis and should be resubmitted whenever schedule and/or work location changes are requested.

Flexible working arrangements should not cause a non-exempt employee to work overtime or cause any employee to work on existing holidays or conflict with leave allocation practices. Exceptions should be approved in advance by the Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR). Occasionally, an adjustment to an employee's work schedule may be required on a short-term basis and such adjustments do not require updates to the flexible working arrangement. Employees who occasionally request to telework must get supervisor approval first, but do not need to update the Working@Tech Arrangement form.

Performance Expectations
While working under a flexible working arrangement, employees are expected to maintain satisfactory performance. This includes turning in assignments by applicable deadlines, producing a quality work product, attending meetings, and following proper leave procedures for time off. In addition, employees must follow established state laws and departmental policies and procedures. Failure to do so may subject the employee to revocation of the flexible working arrangement agreement and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Retention of Agreement Forms
Supervisors are responsible for retaining the Working@Tech Arrangements form until superseded or obsolete.

Employees can learn more and request flexible working arrangements here.


This policy applies to all Georgia Institute of Technology employees.

Policy Terms

Compressed Workweek
A compressed workweek is the scheduling of a traditional 40-hour week into fewer than five full days by adjusting the number of hours worked per day. An example of a compressed schedule is working four ten-hour days with one full day off each week.

A work schedule with variable arrival, departure and / or lunch times. It is typically designed to enable employees to come in earlier or leave later than the organization's normal hours of operation. This approach also enables the department to ensure necessary office coverage, customer service and staff interactions are maintained during the core business hours.

The performance of normal work duties at a location away from the conventional or main office. This off-site location is most often the employee's home, but can also be a satellite office or, if traveling, a virtual office. Telecommuting is a privilege and not a right for employees.


Supervisors are responsible for engaging in individual conversations with all team members to determine Institute, department, and employee needs prior to agreeing on the employee's flexible working arrangement.

Employees are responsible fro submitting accurate location and schedule information in compliance with this policy. In addition, employees must adhere to the Flexwork Arrangement Guidelines.