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This procedure explains how to transfer Georgia Tech equipment to other State Agencies.

Policy Statement

Equipment, which is the property of the state, cannot be given away to an individual under any circumstances. It may not be sold or transferred to an entity outside the Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia without the prior written approval of the State Surplus Property Officer.


If a Cost Center has an item to transfer to another state agency, the property coordinator should follow the procedure listed below to complete the transfer.

  1. Submit a written request to  Property Control and Logistics (Surplus) via ServiceNow.
  2. The request should describe the equipment, list the tag number and model number and the location (building and room number) of the equipment.
  3. The request should state name of state agency to receive the equipment.
  4. The request must be approved by the Cost Center Head or his/her designee.

When a request is received that includes all the information noted above, the Manager of the Property Control will coordinate with others at the Institute and the state Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) to facilitate the transfer. Note that approval/contact is required with others at the Institute, DOAS, and the receiving state agency to complete this process. Some time will be required to get all the approvals needed. Once the proper form/authorizations are received from all parties, the transferring Cost Center will receive written authorization from Property Control to complete the transfer.

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November 2020 Insurance, Claims, Property Control Editorial updates for Workday
July 2016 Insurance, Claims, Property Control Minor edits
08-2013 Property Control Update to policy