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Security and Police
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Jeffrey Hunnicutt
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Physical Security Specialist
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Video Management Systems (hereafter, “VMS”) and video surveillance devices are necessary to deter, detect and prosecute wrong-doing on the Georgia Tech Campus.  This policy is necessary to ensure the effective, efficient, ethical, and legal use of the Institute’s VMS and video surveillance devices in: protecting sensitive or classified information; protecting Georgia Tech and personal resources; and identifying those responsible for committing criminal acts, safeguarding video evidence, and pursuing prosecution in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, United States Federal law, Georgia State law,  City of Atlanta municipal ordinances, and Board of Regents and Institute policy.

Policy Statement

The Institute’s employees, contractors, representatives, and others having responsibility for installing, maintaining, having access to, having the capability of viewing, or otherwise having the ability to utilize VMS and video surveillance devices associated with any real property owned, leased or occupied by the Institute, or any entity with a Georgia Tech affiliation, shall utilize said video surveillance devices in a manner consistent with the U.S. Constitution, United States Federal law, Georgia State law, City of Atlanta municipal ordinances, Georgia Tech Police Department’s (hereafter “GTPD”) “Video Surveillance” policy, and Institute “Ethics” policy.

Installation of any video surveillance devices shall be coordinated with either GTPD’s Physical Security Specialist or the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (hereafter “GTRI) Research Security Department in order to ensure video surveillance devices are not placed or positioned in such a way as to compromise a person’s expectation of privacy.  No one is authorized to install security controls, to include video surveillance devices, web cams or other intrusive electronic devices used for surveillance, without the proper coordination with either the GTPD or GTRI Research Security Department.

The installation and monitoring of all such video surveillance devices shall be solely for the legitimate purposes of protecting human life, personal property, and the Institute’s interests and assets.

Recorded images shall not be made public, nor shall recorded images be released to, provided to, or otherwise made accessible to, any person, party or entity inside or outside of the Institute, without the Institute’s express permission, or as required by law.

All requests to obtain recorded images must be submitted through the Georgia Tech Police Department Records Division.


This policy applies to all Institute Building Managers, Security Contractors, Security Equipment Installers, GTPD Employees, GTRI Employees, and all others with the capability of accessing, viewing or utilizing live or recorded images associated with the video surveillance devices on any Institute VMS.



The Georgia Institute of Technology

Video Surveillance Device

Any device capable of viewing, transmitting and/or capturing still or streaming video images, whether or not associated with monitoring or recording devices.

Video Management System

Also referred to as “VMS” - is any electronic system capable of receiving, displaying, capturing, and/or recording images transmitted by cameras, whether across a network or within a closed circuit.


5.1 Requests for Video

Internal Requests for Video Footage

Submit an email request to the Georgia Tech Police Department’s Records Division.


5.2 Installation of New Cameras

New Construction & Building Renovations


Adding Cameras to Existing VMS

Reference GTPD Video Surveillance System Policy 7-05c, 4.1

New VMS Installation Not Related to Construction or Building Renovation


Reference GTPD Video Surveillance System Policy 7-05c, 4.1


Georgia Tech Police Department
The GTPD’s employees, as defined by the GTPD Video Surveillance System Policy, will be responsible for the day-to-day operational use, administration, and maintenance of the GTPD’s VMS, to include training, creation of accounts, assignment of user privileges, repair, and maintenance of video surveillance devices.     

Georgia Tech Research Institute
GTRI’s Research Security and Information Systems Department (ISD) will be responsible for the day-to-day administration and maintenance of their VMS, to include training, creation of accounts, assignment of user privileges, repair and maintenance of video surveillance devices, etc. 


Access to Georgia Tech’s VMS and information via Georgia Tech computer systems is limited to those employees and faculty who have a legitimate business reason to access such information. The Institute has policies and procedures in place to complement the physical and technical (IT) safeguards in order to provide security to Georgia Tech information systems.

Violations of the policies may result in loss of usage privileges, administrative sanctions (including disciplinary action) as outlined in applicable Georgia Tech disciplinary procedures, as well as personal civil and/or criminal liability.


To report suspected instances of noncompliance with this policy, please contact GTPD or visit Georgia Tech’s EthicsPoint, a secure and confidential reporting system, at: https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_custom.asp?clientid=7508

Policy History
Revision Date Author Description
April 2018 GTPD, Physical Security New Policy