To ensure consistency between policies and to increase clarity, new Institute policies are drafted using a standard Policy Template.

The Policy Template includes space for the following information:

  1. Reason for Policy → Why the policy exists
  2. Policy Statement → The policy’s intent, when the policy applies, and any mandated actions or constraints
  3. Scope → Who is affected by the policy
  4. Definitions → Terms specific to the policy
  5. Procedures → Processes to be used for compliance with the policy
  6. Forms → Forms associated with procedures
  7. Frequently Asked Questions → Common questions about policy and procedures
  8. Responsibilities → Who is responsible for implementing policy and procedures
  9. Enforcement → Potential repercussions for violating the policy
  10. Related Information → Related policies, websites, and documents that provide supplemental information to the policy
  11. Policy History → Brief description of any revisions to the policy

The Policy Template can be found here.

When reviewing a policy draft it is helpful for the Policy Steering Committee to have a Policy Development and Communication Tracking Sheet that details:

  • The reason for the policy
  • Key aspects of the policy
  • Stakeholders who reviewed the policy
  • Resources needed for the policy

The Policy Development and Communication Tracking Sheet can be found here.