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Purchasing and Procurement
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Erin Mitchell
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Director of Procurement
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Payments for services to non-employee individuals and firms will fall into one of the following categories: honoraria, non-faculty instructors or lecturers, consultants, repairs and maintenance, temporary employment agencies, OSP subcontracts, stipends/awards and freelance service providers.
All payments (including expense only reimbursements) to individuals who are not US citizens or residents (green card holders) must comply with the Internal Revenue Service and Homeland Security regulations and requirements outlined in payments nonresident aliens non employees.
Employees may not receive payment for services through Accounts Payable. Consult OHR policies for supplemental pay options and Tech Temp employment options. Employees who have retired from the University System of Georgia may continue to work for Georgia Tech through the OHR Retired but Working program and compensation is through Payroll.