Overview and Procurement Authority/Responsibility

Overview and Procurement Authority/Responsibility
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To provide an understanding of the main responsibility of the Procurement and Business Services Department as well as where and how the Georgia Tech Procurement Office receives its purchasing authority for supplies, materials, and services exclusive of public works services.

Policy Statement

Procurement & Business Services under the direction of the Sr. Director of Procurement & Business Services is responsible for supporting all activities related to the procurement and payment of goods and services, assets and insurance in support of Georgia Tech’s instructional, research and public service programs. Procurement & Business Services is comprised of Accounts Payable/Travel, Business Systems/Analytics, Insurance/Property Control, Logistics/Surplus Property and Purchasing.

  • Accounts Payable/Travel is responsible for the prompt and accurate payment of the non-salary expenditures of the Institute that are within the regulatory framework established by federal, state and Institute authorities.
  • Business Systems/Analysis is responsible for functional system support of all Business Services applications, user support, data reporting and analysis and application testing and implementation.
  • Insurance/Property Control is responsible for the accurate recording and insuring of the Institute’s assets.
  • Logistics/Surplus Property is responsible for the transfer, sale and disposal of Institute property.
  • Purchasing is responsible for procuring affordable quality equipment, supplies and services in a timely manner within the guidelines established by federal, state and Institute policies.

Guidance for the performance of these functions and responsibilities is provided from several sources. The primary authorities are:

  • The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), the agency empowered by the Purchasing Act, State of Georgia annotated Code 50-5
  • State Accounting Office
  • State of Georgia Purchasing Manual
  • Board of Regents Policy Manual
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Federal Acquisitions Regulations/OMB
  • State of Georgia Department of Audits

The Sr. Director of Procurement & Business Services, The Director of Accounts Payable/Travel and the Director of Purchasing will establish and maintain policies and procedures to provide for the efficient and responsible conduct of all procurement and disbursement activities.

No employee of the Institute, except as authorized by DOAS or the President’s letter of delegation, is empowered to incur any obligation or make any commitment on behalf of the Institute for the procurement of products, services or equipment unless approved in writing by the Director of Purchasing.

Officers or departments other than Purchasing that have been delegated the responsibility for procurement of certain goods and services must procure those goods and services in accordance with Federal, State, USG and Institute procurement policy.

All procurements must be made for the purpose of Institute-related activities. Purchasing any goods or services for personal use or benefit is prohibited.

Procurement & Business Services is responsible for maintaining records of all procurement, disbursement, asset, disposal and insurance transactions. Institute departments, faculty and staff who have been authorized to use the PCard (see procurement cards "PCard") are responsible for maintaining records of all procurement credit card transactions.



This policy applies to all Georgia Tech faculty and staff.


To report suspected instances of ethical violations, please visit Georgia Tech's Ethics Hotline, a secure and confidential reporting system at: https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_custom.asp?clientid=7508

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