Unclaimed Salary/Wage Checks and Advices

Unclaimed Salary/Wage Checks and Advices
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jgastley3 Sun, 06/03/2012 - 09:52
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Human Resources
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Kevin F. Merkel
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Sr. HR Director, Total Rewards and Payroll
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This documents the procedure followed by Payroll when unclaimed employee salary/wage checks.


Employee paychecks are mailed to the employee's home. Effective 01/01/05 Pay Advises are available to the employee online at TechWorks.gatech.edu. Procedure

The US Post Office will return unclaimed salary/wage checks to the Payroll Department:

The Payroll Department will take the appropriate actions required to locate the employee or escheat the returned check. If the returned check is voided, the expenditure records of the department will be adjusted accordingly.