Hazardous Weather/Emergency Conditions Plan

Hazardous Weather/Emergency Conditions Plan
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The purpose of the plan is to set forth policies, procedures, lines of responsibility, authority, and communications necessary to effect a rapid and orderly process for either canceling classes or closing the campus in the event of hazardous weather conditions or other emergency situations.

Policy Statement

Weather (or other emergency situations) may make it necessary for Georgia Tech to declare either CLASSES CANCELED or CAMPUS CLOSED conditions. Which declaration is made will determine which employees are required to come to work.

When the CLASSES CANCELED condition is in effect, all classes and instructional laboratories are canceled. Students and instructional faculty are not to report to campus. Administrative and research activities not directly tied to the instruction function will generally continue as normal, unless otherwise instructed by a supervisor. Other support employees may also be instructed not to report to work at the discretion of the administrator responsible for each major division.

When a CAMPUS CLOSED condition is in effect; no employees are to report to work, except those previously designated as "emergency essential" by their department, or otherwise instructed by a supervisor.

When a DELAYED OPENING UNTIL TIME condition is declared.


Weather conditions may change drastically at any time of the day or night presenting hazardous conditions affecting employees working all shifts.

When the decision is made by the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance (or alternate), in consultation with the President, to declare CLASSES CANCELED, CAMPUS CLOSED or DELAYED OPENING UNTIL TIME, the Associate Vice President of Institute Communications and Public Affairs will immediately notify local radio and television stations and place the campus status decision on the Institute's main Web page ( http://www.gatech.edu/ ). The AVP will also contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to place a message on the main campus phone line, 404.894.2000, noting the status of the campus.

The Georgia Tech Police Department will also immediately notify the administrators on the Hazardous Weather/Emergency Conditions Notification List . Each administrator will then notify appropriate people in their own departments.

Since safety of employees and students is of primary concern, it is of utmost importance that a decision process and a notification process be established so those who might otherwise be traveling to campus will be notified of campus conditions prior to the time they would normally begin their commute to campus. Conditions permitting, all decision processes will be completed immediately upon the determination of a current or imminent hazardous weather condition and all notifications of CAMPUS CLOSED be made as soon as possible after the decision is rendered by the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Employees and students should listen or watch the major radio and/or television media in the Atlanta area to learn about the campus' status. For those with Internet access, check the Georgia Tech home page ( http://www.gatech.edu/ ) frequently for the most up to date information. Employees and students may also call the main Georgia Tech phone number (404.894.2000) to hear a pre-recorded message.

Tornado Safety Information

In the Atlanta metropolitan area, the period from March through May is normally the peak season for tornadoes. Tornado "Watch" and "Warning" information is announced over radio and television stations and weather alert radios which are automatically tuned to the national weather broadcast frequency.

It is recommended that each vice president, dean, director, department head, and lab director obtain a weather alert radio and have it located in an area which is occupied at all times during normal Institute working hours. These weather alert radios automatically broadcast information on all hazardous weather identified by the National Weather Service for the metropolitan area.

If a tornado warning is issued for the Atlanta area, faculty, staff, and students should seek shelter in the basement or in the interior corridors, stairways, or rooms of the lowest floor of the building.

Atlanta Media Contacts Regarding Inclement/Emergency Weather Conditions

Updated June 14, 2006

Main Campus, including Cobb County Research Facility and NEETRAC Facility (south of the airport)


WAGA Channel 5
WGCL Channel 46
WSB Channel 2
WXIA Channel 11


WGST 640 AM/105.7 FM (includes WPCH 94.9 FM, WKLS 96.1 FM)
WSB Radio Group (includes NewsTalk 750 WSB, B-98.5 FM, KISS 104.1 FM,
Fox97 WFOX, and 95.5 The Beat.)

Savannah Campus


WJCL Channel 22
WTGS Channel 28


WSVH FM 91.9

Hazardous Weather/Emergency Conditions Notification List

Upon being alerted to hazardous weather, weather-related hazardous conditions, or other emergency situations that affect the campus, the campus police will notify the Associate Vice President for Facilities (or designated alternates) of the hazardous weather, campus and area conditions, or other emergency factors.

After being notified of a "CLASSES CANCELED," "CAMPUS CLOSED" or “DELAYED OPENING” decision by the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance (or alternate) for both Georgia Tech - Main Campus and Georgia Tech - Cobb County Research Facility, campus police will then notify each of the following administrators (or designated alternates):

Executive Assistant to the President
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President, Student Affairs
Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Affairs
Vice Provost for Distance Learning, Continuing Education and Outreach
Vice President and Director, GTRI
Vice President, Development
Dean, College of Architecture
Dean, College of Computing
Dean, College of Management
Dean, College of Engineering
Dean, Ivan Allen College
Dean, College of Sciences
Dean and Director of Libraries
Director of Athletics
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services
Associate Vice President, Financial Services
Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning
Associate Vice President/Associate Vice Provost, Information Technology
Secretary to the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
Institute of Paper Sciences & Technology

The administrators shown above should notify those administrative units reporting directly to them.