5.4.7 Usage of Copyrightable Materials

5.4.7 Usage of Copyrightable Materials abruneau3 Thu, 06/26/2014 - 18:07

For Copyrightable Materials (as defined in BOR Policy  that are owned by GTRC, the Creator(s) is authorized to make modifications and to prepare derivative works, and to use and present said derivative works, whether or not the Creator(s) is still employed by GIT, subject to the GIT Conflict of Interest Policy. 

GIT has the right to require that the quality and freshness of Copyrighted Materials used in its programs be maintained. It will make every reasonable effort to involve faculty, staff, and student Creator(s) of copyrightable works in on-going quality assurance and improvement of the works they created.  

Members of the GIT community shall respect and observe the rights of other copyright owners.