Social Security Coverage

Social Security Coverage
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jgastley3 Mon, 07/16/2012 - 22:39
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Human Resources
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Kevin F. Merkel
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Sr. HR Director, Total Rewards and Payroll
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All regular employees of Georgia Tech, except those specifically excluded under an agreement with the Social Security Administration, are covered by the Federal Social Security Act. Payroll deductions are made for the employee's share of the cost of this insurance, with the Institute paying a matching share.


Social Security coverage has been extended to the following classes of employees:

  1. All employees eligible for the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia.
  2. All employees eligible for the Regents Retirement Plan (ORP).
  3. All full-time regular custodial and maintenance personnel.

The following employees are not covered by Social Security:

  1. All students -- undergraduate, graduate, graduate teaching, and graduate research.
  2. All temporary, seasonal and hourly, employees. Note: These employees do pay the Medicare Insurance Portion of Social Security.
  3. Non-immigrant aliens are exempt in accordance with the provisions of their visas.